Contest: HoneyMaxx Giveaway plus 2016 Year-to-Date

With the end of April upon us, I thought I’d summarize my cycling year to date.  I started this blog to write about my goal for 2016, which is to have (at least) 50 memorable rides in this, my 50th year.  I’ve been careful not to define “memorable”, and I’ve purposely avoided the word “epic”, which is over used.  To date, I’ve completed 14 of these rides, ranging in distance from about 6 km, to nearly 80 km.

Here’s the list so far:

For these memorable rides, I don’t have any specific criteria, but the general guidelines are:

  • A destination ride
  • A new route, or new roads (including adding lines to my Heatmap below)
  • A ride I haven’t done before
  • Good scenery and/or good company
  • A race or event
  • A new distance goal

I’m looking for company and suggestions for new “memorable” rides (see contest later in this blog).

Overall, I’ve ridden over 1000 km on over 30 rides.  I also use the website which uses Strava data and plays with the numbers (the totals below include one hike of 2-3 km).

I use Strava to keep track of my rides, and there are an number of other websites that make use of Strava data to play with the numbers and map rides in different ways.  One such site is a multi-ride mapper:  Using this webpage, here’s my map of rides so far in 2016.  Warmer colours are routes I’ve ridden more frequently, and if you look closely, you should be able to pick out some of my “memorable” rides listed above (not all my rides have been included in my “50-in-50” rides).

HeatMap April 28-2016
2016 Cycling Heat Map

Since I’ve been using Strava since early 2012, I can generate a heat map for all rides since then (below).  Again, you can see the warm colours centred around my main routes and some lines remoter areas near vacation spots or bike events (Centurion, Crank the Shield).

HeatMap2002-2016 bigger April 28-2016
2012 – 2016 Cycling Heat Map

Strava also has some cool “projects”, one of which is called “Roster“.  Roster will tell you your most-frequent riding partners for any given year or years, and it will tell you how many hours (or days) you’ve spent riding with everyone.  In 2016, I’ve spent over five hours riding with Ana Maria B., Bob A., Thiago T., Tim K, Vince B. and Susan G.  And since 2012, I’ve spent five DAYS riding with Krisztian T., and over two days riding with Bob A., Ana Maria B., Giles M., Thiago T., and April B.  Thanks riding buddies!

One other cool project on Strava is the FlyBy option.  Here’s the flyby for my latest event, the 2016 Paris to Ancaster:  CLICK HERE

I’ve been fortunate to align my blog and my love for cycling with a number of companies and events. On my main page, you’ll see the logos for whom I’m an ambassador. These include:

For my first giveaway on my blog, HoneyMaxx has provided me with a gift pack.  The prize includes 2 boxes of 10 individual HoneyMaxx nutrition mix, orange flavour.  You may have seen them at some Ontario events lately: Paris to Ancaster, Tour of Pelham.  Their nutrition drink contains real honey and they make delicious honey wafers that make a great pre-ride, during-ride or post-ride snack.  I’ve been using their products for a while now and they’re easy on the stomach and provide the nutrition I need during my rides.

To enter the contest, you need to:

  1. Follow my blog below by entering your email address (at the very bottom of this website),
  2. Leave a comment with a recommendation for my “50-in-50” rides (I can’t guarantee that I’ll do your suggestion, but I’m looking for ideas!).
  3. Follow HoneyMaxx on Twitter (@honeymaxx)
  4. Note: This contest will close next Friday May 6, 2016 at 6 pm EST.  I’ll do a random draw of all entries and notify the winner via email.

Thanks to HoneyMaxx for providing this prize.  Please visit their website and try out their products!

HoneyMaxx prize pack


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