Ride 7/50 – Steaming Nostril pre-ride

I've been leading a Waterloo Cycling Club gravel grinder ride on Saturday mornings for a few years now, and this past weekend, we rode most of the 2015 Steaming Nostril course.  The 2016 version of the Steaming Nostril is next Sunday April 3 and will follow a lot of the same route.  For my 7th … Continue reading Ride 7/50 – Steaming Nostril pre-ride

Ride 6/50 – Grand River Bridges

My 6th significant ride was a tour of some of the picturesque bridges across the Grand River between Waterloo and Elora.  I'd been thinking about this ride since last summer and had been studying maps to find as many bridge crossings as i could for a 2-3 hour ride.  With the weather calling for sun, … Continue reading Ride 6/50 – Grand River Bridges