Ride 2/50 – Fat Biking in the snow at GORBA Trails

Ride #2 in my “50 memorable rides in my 50th year” was last Sunday January 23, 2016 at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area on the GORBA trails (Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Assocation.  http://gorba.ca/).  GORBA has done a fantastic job grooming, maintaining and marking a winter trail loop through the snow, and although I’ve had a fat bike since last summer, I consider this ride to be my first really fun singletrack fat-bike winter ride.   Continue reading


Ride 1/50 – Track Cycling!

Ride #1 of 50 memorable rides in 2016 was at the Milton Velodrome this week.The company I work for, Matrix Solutions, had a team-building event where about 10 of us got some training on track bikes followed by an hour or so to ride on the track in Milton.  This was my first time riding on an indoor cycling track and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’d been to this velodrome last summer to see some events of the 2015 Pan Am Games (I guest-blogged on Michelle the Runner’s blog about the event here.) Continue reading

2015 Ride Summary

As we head into 2016, I thought I’d summarize my year in 2015.  I’m not racing nearly as much as I used to.  I’m riding more than in the past, but racing less.  I enjoy group (and solo) rides on my road bike, the gravel grinders (all year!), mountain biking (particularly at the local trails:  The Hydrocut) , and most recently, fat biking!  I’ve listed a few highlights for 2015 below.  Two of them are bike events and one is a swimming event: Continue reading