Cycling Heatmaps

There are websites that will take all of your Strava data and plot it on one map (,  I created a map of all my 2015 rides to see what it looks like.  Warmer colours (oranges, yellows) are routes that I travelled more frequently; cooler colours are darker blue/purple.

2015 rides

I added some new destinations/routes in 2015, including some roads north and east of Milton, and down to Port Dover.  And you can see the route for the spring classic Paris-to-Ancaster (  I also had some rides that didn’t show up on this map, including Arizona, Collingwood, Haliburton, camping trips to Awenda and Killbear, and  (Crank the Shield MTB race).

I’ve been using Strava since 2012.  Here’s a map with all my rides from 2012-2015.

2012-2015 rides

This map includes as far west as Stratford, and as far east as Toronto.  For 2016, I am planning on adding new routes to this map.  I’ll blog about them, as new routes will be part of my 50 significant rides in my 50th year.  Stay tuned!

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