Ride 5/50 – Frostbike 2016

Ride #5 in my 50-in-50 rides was down in Port Colborne, Ontario on Sunday February 21, 2016 for the 7th Annual Frostbike mountain bike race.    The organizers, Shorthills Cycling Club, have run this event since 2010, but this was my first time entering.  They cap the number of riders at 100, and registration sold out in less than two days back in January.  I was late, and didn’t get registered, but thankfully, I was able to find someone who couldn’t make it, and got in.  (thanks Michelle…. missed you at the race!)

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Ride 4/50 – Winter Fatbiking at -23C

For my “50 rides in my 50th year” theme, I purposely have not set any guidelines for distance, time, speed or any other metric. Instead, I wanted to have 50 memorable rides that had some kind of significance.  Today, for ride #4 of 50, I rode only 6 kilometres, but it was significant for a couple of reasons.  First, according to my Garmin, it was -23C.  Second, it was my first winter ride at The Hydrocut trails (www.thehydrocut.ca) – my home mountain bike trails.  I am a member of the Trail Committee that maintains these trails and have ridden them for many years, but this was my very first winter ride there. Continue reading

Ride 3/50 – King Street Cycle’s Sugar Shack Fat Bike Hustle

Ride #3 of my 50-in-50 memorable rides is in the books.  It was also my first race event of 2016.  King Street Cycles 2nd Annual Sugar Shack Hustle, Fat Bike Scramble was held on January 31 at Shady Grove Maple Farm outside of Guelph.  I didn’t enter this event last year because I didn’t get my fat bike until last summer, but it’s been on my radar ever since I got my Surly.  In fact, I was so keen to enter this year, I got to wear raceplate #01 because I was the first to register back in December.   Continue reading