Ride 20/50 Together We Travel – Cycle for Angels

Four years ago, Heather Caron's husband Barrie Conrod died after being struck by an SUV while the two of them were on a bike ride on a road that I've ridden on many times. Through this tragedy, Heather has found the strength to promote cycling awareness and safety.  One of the main ways she's been … Continue reading Ride 20/50 Together We Travel – Cycle for Angels


Ride 19/50 – Hot, humid, humbling road riding

Some of my favourite summer cycling is on my road bike with the Waterloo Cycling Club.  I've been a member of the club for over a decade, and although I joined as a mountain biker, the club rides have turned me into a multi-disciplinary cyclist. I have friends who only ride on the road, and others … Continue reading Ride 19/50 – Hot, humid, humbling road riding

Ride 18/50 Exploring by fatbike

Sometimes, the ride isn't so much about the ride.  Rather, it's about the location.  Killbear Provincial Park is one of my favourite camping destinations and for about the last decade, we've been camping here for the May long weekend. In fact, Killbear was a regular destination when I was a kid as well, so I … Continue reading Ride 18/50 Exploring by fatbike


Cat5Gear Giveaway, Ride for Heart

I'm happy to announce the second "giveaway" on my blog.  I'm an ambassador with Cat5Gear and they've provided me with some cool gifts to give away.  For this contest, I'm going to have a draw for a couple of Cat5Gear prize packs for anyone who sponsors me for the Ride for Heart charity ride in Toronto on June 5 … Continue reading Cat5Gear Giveaway, Ride for Heart


Ride 17/50 WCC Tuesday Road Ride & Contest Winner

I joined the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) in 2003 solely as a mountain biker.  I'd been mountain biking with my two brothers, usually at Dundas Valley or weekend trips to places like Kelso and I joined the club because I wanted to learn about more local places to ride trails and meet local cyclists. I soon … Continue reading Ride 17/50 WCC Tuesday Road Ride & Contest Winner


Ride 16/50 and Contest Winner!

Ride 16 was memorable for a few reasons.  First, it was my longest ride of the year and second, it was my fastest ride of the year.  Third, it was my first Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) road ride this year and the other riders my group made for a very enjoyable ride With warmer weather of April and May, … Continue reading Ride 16/50 and Contest Winner!


Ride 15/50 – Elora to Erin and back

Rather than join one of the several club ride options this past weekend, I opted to join a few good friends and drive to Elora so we could ride to Erin and back.  Krisz, Ana Maria, Mike and I met in Elora at 8 am on April 30 with our CX bikes for the 80 … Continue reading Ride 15/50 – Elora to Erin and back