Ride 18/50 Exploring by fatbike

Sometimes, the ride isn’t so much about the ride.  Rather, it’s about the location.  Killbear Provincial Park is one of my favourite camping destinations and for about the last decade, we’ve been camping here for the May long weekend.

In fact, Killbear was a regular destination when I was a kid as well, so I can say I’ve been coming here for close to five decades!

The park has a lot to offer: hiking trails, beautiful sandy beaches, outcrops of Canadian Shield granite and Georgian Bay (a little cold for swimming this time of year!)

On this ride I did some exploring on my fat bike.  Trails, gravel roads and some rock outcrops! I tried to remember all the different camp sites I’ve camped in over the years  but with hundreds of sites and a failing memory, I was unsuccessful.

Biking has has long been a big part of my camping trips and this weekend has been no exception.  My fat bike likes to go exploring.  I’ve seen deer, foxes, turtles at this park (update: and a bear!) before but this time, I only saw birds (including a parrot that someone brought with them) and chipmunks.  Stay tuned as I continue to document the places that my bikes take me!  And check out my previous blog if you’re feeling generous and sponsor me for the Ride for Heart to be entered for a contest.



Georgian Bay and my Pugsley.
I’m not sure if this was a speed limit sign or a wildlife warning.



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