Tribute to Gord Downie

How do you measure the impact that someone you've never met has had on your life? Sometimes it takes their passing to ask ourselves this question.  We found out Gord Downie had cancer in the spring of 2016, and with his death this week, I found myself trying to rationalize the passing of another musician, and … Continue reading Tribute to Gord Downie


Cycling – Kitchener-Waterloo to Guelph

I've been at my current day job for about six years, and when I started in 2011, the commute was a short 9-10 km distance that I didn't cycle enough.  I even had the luxury of secure bike storage, a shower, and the Grand River Trail.  In March of this year, my employer moved to … Continue reading Cycling – Kitchener-Waterloo to Guelph

Don’t believe everything you read online

The other day I was in the supermarket looking for fish to buy for dinner.  I saw some tilapia and for a moment I had this memory of reading that there was some problem with eating tilapia, so I didn't buy it.  I came home with some cod instead. When I got home, I went … Continue reading Don’t believe everything you read online


Throwback to Swimming in a Triathlon

In the absence of new, memorable rides to blog about, I thought I'd write about my experience of open-water swimming.  I'm also inspired by my co-worker Chris, who recently completed a sprint triathlon along with friends of his who did the same tri as a relay (his friend Jordana blogged about her swim leg here). … Continue reading Throwback to Swimming in a Triathlon