Ride 24/50 – The Wild Ride at Wildwood Conservation Area

I’ve been trying to get to the Wildwood Conservation Area to ride my mountain bike for a few years, but it just never happened.   This year, I decided to sign up the week before the race, figuring I’d get a chance to finally ride these trails that I keep hearing so much about.  There’s a continuous mountain bike trail around the reservoir that runs about 25 kilometres, but I didn’t know what to expect. Continue reading


Ride 23/50 – Urban exploring with WCC

This past Saturday, I joined a new club ride with the Waterloo Cycling Club.  This spring, Bill F. started an “Adventure Ride” each weekend. Usually, once the snow melts, most club cyclists are either out on road rides or on the mountain bike trails each weekend.  Gravel grinders are postponed until the fall.  In past years, I’ve done this – I typically put away my gravel grinder bike in April in favour of my road and mountain bikes.

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Rides 21 and 22: The Hydrocut and Ride for Heart plus contest winners!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have two memorable rides for my 50-memorable-rides-in-my-50th-year goal.  For Ride #21, on Saturday morning, I met up with friends Ana-Maria, Bob A., Ken R., Kevin S., Stephen B. and others at the Hydrocut mountain bike trails.  These wonderful trails of about 25 km of flowing singletrack are my “home trails”, and I’ve been a member of the Hydrocut trail committee (which is part of the Waterloo Cycling Club in agreement with the Region of Waterloo) for a few years, and I’ve been volunteering on trail days since about 2003.

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