More on Bike Lanes in K-W

Last fall, I blogged about the lack of continuity of bike lanes in Kitchener-Waterloo.  Specifically, the lack of safe crossings of the Conestoga Parkway.  I realize these things take time and money to implement, and I hope that the cities and region are moving towards better connectivity for cyclists. However... I was on a ride … Continue reading More on Bike Lanes in K-W


Ride for Heart 2017

Each year, I try to enter a cycling event or two that supports a cause.  In 2016, I raised money for two events: Share the Road Greg's Ride in September and the Ride for Heart in Toronto for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  My wife, my daughter and I have completed three of the Ride for Heart … Continue reading Ride for Heart 2017

Rides 42 and 43: Joyride and Touring Toronto

Last year, I was planning to complete 50 memorable rides in the year I turned 50. A crash in September put that on hold, so I extended my goal to 2017. I'd finished 2016 with 41 of my 50 rides completed, and this past week, I added two more rides in the GTA. With March … Continue reading Rides 42 and 43: Joyride and Touring Toronto


2017 Steaming Nostril – More Hints

A few people have been asking me for more details about the 2017 Steaming Nostril course. My previous blog gave some teasers, but they wanted more details! I still can't reveal the course itself, but I can provide a few more hints.  For 2017, the start/finish has moved to the Waterloo Rod & Gun Club … Continue reading 2017 Steaming Nostril – More Hints


Coldest ride of the year 

It's March. Spring should be in the air... and it WAS... in February. Winter is back. With a vengeance. At the same time, I'm starting to feel better each week and I want to get some fitness for some events I have coming up in April: Steaming Nostril and Paris to Ancaster.  I've signed up … Continue reading Coldest ride of the year 


2017 Steaming Nostril Teaser

In one month from today, the 5th annual Steaming Nostril gravel grinder cycling race will take place.  Organized by my friends at Cycle Waterloo, this event has become one of Ontario's spring classics. In a previous blog post, I've written about some of the highlights of past Nostril events, so rather than re-hash here, I'm … Continue reading 2017 Steaming Nostril Teaser


K-W is in a weather “dead zone”

Avid cyclists (at least most of the cyclist I know) tend to be weather junkies.  Rides are often planned around weather.  Particularly in winter, when the wind can make it feel a lot colder when you ride into it. When I started riding out on the roads (before I went on group rides), I would … Continue reading K-W is in a weather “dead zone”