2017 Steaming Nostril Teaser

In one month from today, the 5th annual Steaming Nostril gravel grinder cycling race will take place.  Organized by my friends at Cycle Waterloo, this event has become one of Ontario’s spring classics.

In a previous blog post, I’ve written about some of the highlights of past Nostril events, so rather than re-hash here, I’m going to provide some teasers for the 2017, since I’m an “ambassador” for this year’s race.  So here goes:

  • There are two distances: 40 km (Runny Nose), 65 km (Steaming Nostril).  Both distances have fat bike and singlespeed categories and will cover some of the fine gravel roads in the Region of Waterloo
  • There’s a “best beard” contest (start growing NOW!).  $1 for every finisher will be donated to a charity of the “best beard” winner.  The winner of the female category will choose the “best beard” (hint:  If you want to see what a good beard is, go to King Street Cycles and ask for Andy!)
  • There may not be 69 wooden stairs to climb this year.
  • There may be some of the Kissing Bridge rail trail this year.
  • A hot meal is waiting for you after you finish.
  • Your bike may get dirty and muddy.
  • You may see horses and buggies.  Drafting behind them is not recommended (you’re likely faster than them, and … road apples…).
  • People travel from all over to enter this event (over 200 so far… from as far away as Sudbury).
  • There may be an age-group World Champion road cyclist entered.
  • At least one past Steaming Nostril champion will be there.
  • I’m going to be there (shorter distance on my fat bike!)

I am being careful not to give too much away but… here’s a bit more.  There’s part of the race that will be on private property.  I can’t say any more, but last year, there was the epic Longest Kilometre on private land.

Convinced:  Join me and sign up here

Not convinced: The first early bird deadline has passed, but each Tuesday, Cycle Waterloo has a trivia question on Facebook.  If you get the right answer, you can save $5.  Here’s their Facebook page: Cycle Waterloo Facebook.

One final note:  The race attracts all disciplines of cycling.  Road racers, mountain bikers, cyclocross, track specialists.  And all levels, from national- and provincial-level racers, to weekend warriors, to cycling tourists. There’s something for everyone in this race.  If you have any questions, send me a note.

2 thoughts on “2017 Steaming Nostril Teaser

  1. I’m in! It’ll be my third, and I can’t wait. Throw 69 steps at me. Give me the longest kilometer ever. It doesn’t matter. I’ll be there with a smile on my face, a cramp in my legs, and a bunch of grunge on my bike. Awesome.


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