2018 Turas Mor – Gravel Grinding in Creemore

Lately, I've been more selective about the cycling events I enter.  Until this weekend, the only event I'd entered was Paris to Ancaster.  However, when I got a message on social media that I'd won an entry to the 3rd annual Creemore SpringsTuras Mor in Creemore, Ontario, I was excited (Thanks Noelle W. from Pedal … Continue reading 2018 Turas Mor – Gravel Grinding in Creemore


Winter Cycling – Indoors or Outdoors?

Cyclists don't have to look very far to find discussions about how to deal with winter in Canada.  There's considerable information online about how to train indoors over the winter.  There's also a lot of people who will ride outdoors in just about any weather conditions. And there are obvious benefits to both options. I … Continue reading Winter Cycling – Indoors or Outdoors?