2018 Year in Cycling Photos

I’ll be writing a 2018 summary but I thought I’d start with some of my favourite cycling photos of the year!

January – In December 2017, we had a lot of snow and cold temperatures.  That made the first two weeks of January perfect for fat biking in the snow.  It didn’t last of course.  A mid-January thaw broke up the ice on the river and the remainder of winter was a mixture of rain and snow with fluctuating temperatures.

Snowy single track by the frozen creek

A flash flood in January caused the ice on the frozen river to be pushed way up the river banks.February – Rides were a mixture of gravel and (light) snow.

Chasing gravel.
Tracks in the snow.

March – A short trip to the Niagara Region over March Break allowed me to explore the Niagara River and Falls.

Niagara Falls.
Upstream from the Falls.

April – More gravel griding and a photo of the final climb at P2A

P2A – the final climb.  Photo by Lauren Daniells
Chasing more gravel!

May – A vintage gravel classic in Creemore!

Mark B., Dave G., Alain F. and moi at Turas Mor, Creemore,. ON.
The hills around Creemore go up, up and up!

June – A ride to Dundas, ON with a couple friends to ride up Clara’s Climb, plus my 2018 fund raiser – Ride Don’t Hide – 80 km in the rain!

The top of Clara’s Climb, Dundas, ON.
Ride Don’t Hide – 80 km in the rain but at least I had motorcycle support!

July – Bike share in Toronto and chasing silhouettes.

Bike Share at sunset – Toronto.
Just me… and 2D me.

August – Non-biking vacation in Newfoundland and riding in Toronto

Humber River, Toronto.

September – Hold the line – 128 km!  And finding some the best singletrack in southern Ontario – Turkey Point!

Drafting a tractor while riders ahead of me reach for their phones to take pics!
Turkey Point singletrack!

October – Howling Coyote – Gravel fun in and around Mono, ON

Howling Coyote – Photo by Barry Cox
Yeah…. the hills!

November – Less motivation to ride, but still did a fun gravel grinder in and around the Region.

Yeah, it wasn’t that deep!
Columbia Forest in the fall can be beautiful!

December – A neon gravel ride and a commute with a beautiful sunrise!

Most of us got the memo to wear neon yellow to this ride…
Last Commute of the year on Dec. 20! My work colleague Kelly M. motivated me to leave early and we were rewarded with this view!


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