Ride 37 of 50 – Bikes, Beers and Breweries

There are many great charities out there and because I’m a cyclist, there’s no shortage of charity bike rides throughout the riding season.  I’ve done the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart, and I’ve ridden to support KW Counselling, Share the Road and the Lung Association.  This past weekend I took part in a ride to support Kate’s Kause.  Continue reading


Ride 36 of 50 – Hot, humid and hilly

Let me start this post by stating that I am not a climber.  Going uphill on my bike is hard work and my goal is simply to make it to the top.  That said, I wanted to do a tour of a few of the bigger hills in my area by mapping out a route that would take about three hours.  So this weekend, I rounded up a few friends (Ana-Maria, Doug and Andy) to join me on a ride that included some local hills on both paved and gravel roads.

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Share the Road – Greg’s Ride

One of the initiatives that is very important to me is Share the Road, which is an advocacy group that supports the development of bicycle-friendly roads and neighbourhoods in Ontario.  It was founded in 2008 by Eleanor McMahon, whose husband Greg was killed by a vehicle while on a bike ride in 2006.

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Ride 35 of 50 – Eager Beaver Gravel Race – 100km version

Ride 35 is in the books:  The soon-to-be-classic Eager Beaver 2.0.  This gravel grinder event, starting and finishing in Highlands Nordic near Collingwood, offered three distances: 50 km, 100 km (which I rode), and 100 miles. Dan from Substance Projects runs fantastic events and this was no exception.

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Ride 34 of 50 – The Big 5-0 – Bicycalligraphy

There are many reasons people choose to go for a ride: exercise/fitness, fresh air, good company, race training, racing, exploring new locations, personal bests, Strava (to get kudos, or to attempt a KOM/QOM), test a new bike or new bike part… and many more.  For my 50 rides in my 50th year, I’ve experienced many of these reasons, and on the occasion of my 50th birthday, I came up with a new reason, something I’m calling: Bicycalligraphy!

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Ride 33 of 50 – Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Sometimes it’s not about the ride; it’s about the destination.  Camping has been a big part of my summer vacations for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit many of Ontario’s fine Provincial Parks, and in recent years, I’ve explored the parks by bicycle.

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