Share the Road – Greg’s Ride

One of the initiatives that is very important to me is Share the Road, which is an advocacy group that supports the development of bicycle-friendly roads and neighbourhoods in Ontario.  It was founded in 2008 by Eleanor McMahon, whose husband Greg was killed by a vehicle while on a bike ride in 2006.


Eleanor is now an MPP in Burlington, but is still very active in cycling advocacy and policy, and my sister Sue is the current chair of the Share the Road Board.  One of their annual events is “Greg’s Ride”, which is held in Milton, near the location where Greg was killed.  I attended the event last year, and rode 100 km (along with Sue and my two brothers – both of whom rode 100 km on fat bikes!).  I’m not sure how much the event raised for Share the Road, but it’s such a great event and a great cause, I’ll be riding this year on September 25.

Sibling Team in 2015. Fat and skinny tires!

I’ve been asked to be an ambassador for this year’s ride.  I’ll start by directing you to the webpage for Greg’s Ride HERE.  You can register from there you get a discount of 20% if you organize a “team”.  Each member will get the discount.  There are other fund raising events, like a silent auction.  Last year Cervelo was there with Ryder’s Giro-winning bike (not for auction, but for display!):

Ryder’s Giro bike by Cervelo

The ride this year has three distances: 15 km, 60 km and 98 km (if you’re like me, you’ll ride around the parking lot at the end to get to 100 km!).  I’ll be doing either 60 or 100, so please sign up and join me to support this great cause!

Team Shikaze ripping up the 100 km loop in 2015.

Finally, I found a website that allows users to add gravel roads.  Many of my rides are gravel grinders so this site can be very useful to map out gravel routes.  Have a look:  And add roads gravel roads in your area!


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