Year-to-date Ride Summary

Now that September is upon us, I thought I’d summarize my ride year so far.  There are some good utilities available for Strava users (I’ve been using Strava since the end of 2011).  I use Jonathan O’Keeffe’s utilities (which are free), (limited free usage or a small annual fee for full access)and Strava Labs.  I also discovered a cool video-maker for Strava called Relive.

To  date in 2016, I’ve completed 37 of my 50 memorable rides in my 50th year, and I’ve ridden a total of 84 times for a distance of 3485 km and 160 hours, with over 23 km of climbing!  My average speed is about 21 km/h with a maximum of 63 km/h.  My longest ride has been over 210 km; my shortest was less than 3 km (pre riding for a race and test-riding a bike at The Hydrocut)

In recent years, my riding has been primarily on the road (paved and gravel).  This year I have more variety, with over 1200 km on both my road and CX bikes, more than 500 on my fat bike, and more than 400 on my mountain bike (and some laps around the Milton Velodrome on a track bike!). Check out this link for nice summaries of Strava Data (you’ll need to connect it to your Strava account):

Strava has a utility called “the Roster” that can report who you ride the most with.  So far in 2016, I’ve ridden over 24 hours with Doug D. and Ana-Maria B.  Tim K., Bob A. and Thiago T. B. round out my “top 5” riding companions with more than 12 hours of riding time.

In July, I had my best month ever, with over 900 km (including my longest ride, and my first 200+ km ride).  August must have been a “taper” month…

Monthly distance

O’Keeffe and Veloviewer both have heat map options.  Here’s my complete heatmap for 2016 so far (from Veloviewer).  It includes my vacation in Cape Cod plus riding at a couple of Provincial Parks:

Aug heat map ALL

And here’s a close up (from O’Keeffe’s Multiple Ride Mapper).  Warmer colours means I’ve ridden those routes more frequently:

Aug heat map ON
Southern Ontario heatmap for 2016 (so far).

So what does the rest of 2016 have in store?  I’m riding in the annual Share the Road ride on September 25.  It’s called Greg’s Ride, and you can read my blog about it here.  I’m also open to suggestions for my “50-in-50” rides for the remainder of the year.  I anticipate that I’ll have some nice fall gravel grinders, and possible road rides.  And fall is my favourite time to go mountain biking.  I may even been convinced to enter my first cross race…

Stay tuned!

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