Ride 39 of 50: Share the Road – Greg’s Ride

Share the Road is a cycling advocacy group that is working to make Ontario more cycling-friendly.  As an avid cyclist, this is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.  Last year, with my three siblings, I rode 100 km in Halton Region to help raise money for this great cause.  This year, we … Continue reading Ride 39 of 50: Share the Road – Greg’s Ride


Throwback to Swimming in a Triathlon

In the absence of new, memorable rides to blog about, I thought I'd write about my experience of open-water swimming.  I'm also inspired by my co-worker Chris, who recently completed a sprint triathlon along with friends of his who did the same tri as a relay (his friend Jordana blogged about her swim leg here). … Continue reading Throwback to Swimming in a Triathlon

Rest and Recovery

Since my crash on my road bike 10 days ago, my physical activity has consisted of nothing more than evening walks at a slow pace.   Recovering from a crash takes time (more so for me, now that I'm in the 50+ category). After my crash, I took a few days off work, not so … Continue reading Rest and Recovery


Ride 38 of 50 – Coffee in Stratford and a crash

For ride #38, my plan was to enjoy a nice late summer road ride with Tim K. and his friend Dave D. (Both of whom were on my 200km ride earlier this summer). I left my house at 7:30am to meet at Tim's for our 8am start. The ride there was about 13km and chilly … Continue reading Ride 38 of 50 – Coffee in Stratford and a crash


Year-to-date Ride Summary

Now that September is upon us, I thought I'd summarize my ride year so far.  There are some good utilities available for Strava users (I've been using Strava since the end of 2011).  I use Jonathan O'Keeffe's utilities (which are free), veloviewer.com (limited free usage or a small annual fee for full access)and Strava Labs.  I … Continue reading Year-to-date Ride Summary