Ride 39 of 50: Share the Road – Greg’s Ride

Share the Road is a cycling advocacy group that is working to make Ontario more cycling-friendly.  As an avid cyclist, this is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.  Last year, with my three siblings, I rode 100 km in Halton Region to help raise money for this great cause.  This year, we were at it again, this time, with more family members participating!

I had expected to be fully recovered from my crash a few weeks ago, but in the days leading up to this ride, I realized that I shouldn’t take any chances with longer distances and just ride 15 km with my family.  Although it was one of my shortest rides of the year, it was still meaningful and enjoyable ride on some quiet roads near Milton.

This year, me and my sis and bros brought more family along!

My sister is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors of Share the Road and my brothers and I have been active in the cycling community for many years, so it was an easy decision to sign up again.  This year, there were over 200 cyclists from all over the province riding anywhere from 15 to 100 km.  The ride included a lunch afterwards, support from Velofix and the OPP, and a fun Silent Auction, which included items from Inception Cyclery, Cat5Gear, HoneyMaxx and many others.  I came home with a pannier bag from Arkel and a selection of cycling accessories from Mill Town Cycle in Milton.

For more about Share the Road, visit www.sharetheroad.ca and check out my past blog about it.  There are many ways you can contribute!

Share the Road Executive Director Jamie with some opening remarks.
Riding the beautiful roads…


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