Ride 45 – Paris to Ancaster – 2017 Summary

I’ve blogged several times about the Paris to Ancaster (P2A) cycling event.  I’ve blogged about my thoughts during the ride, how I prepare and even tips for newbies. Yesterday, I completed the shorter St.George to Ancaster event on my fat bike, and 2017 marked the 16th straight year I’ve entered the race.

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Ride 39 of 50: Share the Road – Greg’s Ride

Share the Road is a cycling advocacy group that is working to make Ontario more cycling-friendly.  As an avid cyclist, this is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.  Last year, with my three siblings, I rode 100 km in Halton Region to help raise money for this great cause.  This year, we were at it again, this time, with more family members participating!

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Ride 17/50 WCC Tuesday Road Ride & Contest Winner

I joined the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) in 2003 solely as a mountain biker.  I’d been mountain biking with my two brothers, usually at Dundas Valley or weekend trips to places like Kelso and I joined the club because I wanted to learn about more local places to ride trails and meet local cyclists. I soon learned that K-W has one of the best mountain bike trail networks in Ontario: The Hydrocut.  I also got to know club members through the mountain bike group rides and within a year, I bought a used road bike and learned how to ride in groups on the road.

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