2016 Ride Summary

In the final days of 2016, I’ve pulled together a summary of my year in cycling.  There are countless resources available online, particularly for those of us who use Strava for our ride summaries.

I subscribe to veloviewer.com, which provides a nice summary graphic of year shown below.  I rode over 3700 km (less than my goal of 5000 km, but my weekly mileage has decreased during my recovery).  My longest ride was 211 km (my longest ride EVER!).

Ride Summary from Veloviewer.com

Another cool graphic is from madewithsisu.com, which shows a poster of all rides from 2016:

All my rides from 2016. madewithsisu.com

And of course, I’m a big fan of the heat maps.  Veloviewer has a good option for heatmaps, but I prefer Jonathan O’Keeffe’s site.

All my rides in 2016. Cape Cod to Grundy Lake Provincial Park to Port Dover to Stratford to Toronto.
Close-up of my 2016 rides. Highlighted in green: my 50th birthday ride!

And my all-time cycling heatmap for southern Ontario (2012-2015):

2011-2016 Cycling Heatmap

Here are some of my ride Highlights:

I’ll complete my 50-in-50 rides before I turn 51 next August.  My quest has been delayed since my crash in September but I’ll get there!

I’ve had the pleasure of riding with some amazing people.  I continue to be inspired by my cycling colleagues.  Road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, fat bikes… we’re all cyclists who love being outside for the exercise, the fresh air and the friendship!

Here’s to an even better 2017!

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