A Cycling Week in Review – Bicycalligraphy, Eager Beaver

It’s been an odd summer.  We haven’t had the normal heat wave, and it seems like we get a good rain storm every few days.  I’m not one to complain a lot about the weather, but as a cyclist, I’m always paying attention to it. I’m finally at the point in my concussion recover that I feel like I can ride a little harder and a little further, and now, the limiting factor is my lack of fitness, rather than my concussion symptoms.  I’m not entirely symptom free, but I’m feeling better with each ride.

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2016 Ride Summary

In the final days of 2016, I’ve pulled together a summary of my year in cycling.  There are countless resources available online, particularly for those of us who use Strava for our ride summaries.

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Ride 34 of 50 – The Big 5-0 – Bicycalligraphy

There are many reasons people choose to go for a ride: exercise/fitness, fresh air, good company, race training, racing, exploring new locations, personal bests, Strava (to get kudos, or to attempt a KOM/QOM), test a new bike or new bike part… and many more.  For my 50 rides in my 50th year, I’ve experienced many of these reasons, and on the occasion of my 50th birthday, I came up with a new reason, something I’m calling: Bicycalligraphy!

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