April Cycling Update

I’m sitting here in my warm house while 50 km/h winds (with 80 km/h gusts) shake the windows and walls.  I’m all for winter cycling, but it’s mid-April now and I don’t feel like getting pelted with ice pellets at -2C in this kind of wind.

Instead, I’m sitting at keyboard, writing and examining my 2018 cycling year to date.  I had a good month of March (my best March since I joined Strava in 2012) with over 580 outdoor kilometres, giving me nearly 1200 km for the year (including the first couple weeks of April), which puts me about 200 km ahead of my best Strava year.

March (and early April) has seen a shift in my riding.  I’ve put the fat bike away (for now) and been riding on gravel roads for longer rides (both time and distance).

Here’s my 2018 heatmap: 

Oh… plus a couple of rides over March break when we were in the Niagara Region for a few days:

As for the rides, I joined the Waterloo Cycling Club gravel grinder rides a lot in March/April.  These are fun, energetic group rides, with occasional breaks for photo ops:

Gravel gang – Andy, Sylvia, Taryn, Ana Maria, Michal, Doug, Felipe and moi.

I also added to the bicycalligraphy library with the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, which happens to be the same as my friend Shelly’s birthday this year:

Speaking of cycling art, my older brother Greg has been using old cycling parts to create beautiful works of art that combine his woodworking skills with cycling, including lamps and trays, as shown:

If you have any old cycling parts (chains, cassettes, chain rings) that you’re willing to part with let me know.

Finally, I took this shot on a solo gravel ride this year. These solo rides give me time for reflection and meditation!

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