Why Share the Road matters

There are many good charities out there and there are many good charity cycling events.  Share the Road is no exception.  If you’re reading this, then you’re either a cyclist or a cycling supporter (or both), and you likely have an awareness of the issues that cyclists face when we’re out on the road.

Founded in 2008 by Eleanor McMahon following the death of her husband Greg in a cycling tragedy, Share the Road has been instrumental in cycling advocacy efforts across the province in Ontario.  This has led to cycling infrastructure (think: bike lanes, sharrows, bike paths, secure bike parking), awareness (share the road signs, cycling maps, bumper stickers), and the introduction of new legislation: one-metre passing law.

(Note: In New Brunswick, there is currently no one-metre passing law; however, NB cyclist Ellen Watters was killed last month when she was struck by a motorist.  In give cyclists one metre when passing.  Read more about it here:  http://www.saintjohncycling.com/ellenslaw).

Eleanor is now an MPP in Burlington and she’s currently tabling Bill 213 in Queen’s Park.  This bill, which has passed its second reading in 2016, would increase penalties for careless driving causing serious bodily harm or death

Share the Road currently has a fundraising initiative online HERE (It only runs until January 8, 2017, so please consider donating soon).  For every $25 that you donate, you’ll get a Share the Road bumper magnet for your car.  These magnets were designed in Huron County after a local cyclist, Julie Sawchuk, was hit by a car on a bike ride.  You can read more on her blog http://juliesawchuk.blogspot.ca/




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