The long road back – Solo gravel grinding

The weather forecast called for temperatures as high as 7C so I planned my day around a ride in the afternoon. I was a little unsure if the gravel roads around here would be icy or muddy, but I decided to take my gravel grinder bike (my morphed hardtail mountain bike) out for a ride. Continue reading

Fat biking in the Region of Waterloo

There are some good options for fat biking in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.  This winter is only the my second winter with a fat bike, so I’m only beginning to explore.  Because my speed and distance are lower right now, my fat bike rides have been closer to home.  This has given me the opportunity to check out local multi-use paths and trails. Continue reading

Foggy Gravel Grinding

In my continued recovery from a concussion last fall, my bike rides have consisted of short, low-intensity rides of about an hour. Usually on my fat bike and usually on city paths and bike trails. As 2016 turned into 2017 I found myself yearning to get out on the fantastic gravel roads in the area. I started discovering these unpacked gems about 5-6 years ago when fall turned to winter. A group of friends and I decided that riding outdoors as temperatures dropped and daylight hours shortened easily topped the alternative (indoor training).  Continue reading

2017 Cycling Goals

January is month when a lot of people will set their goals for the rest of the year (Note: I’m avoiding the term “resolutions” on purpose).  My goals tend to be modest.  A year ago, my goal was to ride 50 memorable rides in the year I turned 50.  That didn’t quite work out after my crash in September, but I still completed 41 rides (I complete this quest this year, before I turn 51 in August).  I also wanted to ride 5000 km, which also didn’t happen due to a low-mileage autumn.

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Why Share the Road matters

There are many good charities out there and there are many good charity cycling events.  Share the Road is no exception.  If you’re reading this, then you’re either a cyclist or a cycling supporter (or both), and you likely have an awareness of the issues that cyclists face when we’re out on the road.

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Reasons to be thankful

I’ve hardly been cycling in the 5-6 weeks since my crash on Labour Day weekend.  The scrapes have mostly healed and my concussion symptoms seem to be improving.  But I still need to be careful about returning to the bike too quickly. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I thought I’d list some things that I’m grateful for:

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Ride 17/50 WCC Tuesday Road Ride & Contest Winner

I joined the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) in 2003 solely as a mountain biker.  I’d been mountain biking with my two brothers, usually at Dundas Valley or weekend trips to places like Kelso and I joined the club because I wanted to learn about more local places to ride trails and meet local cyclists. I soon learned that K-W has one of the best mountain bike trail networks in Ontario: The Hydrocut.  I also got to know club members through the mountain bike group rides and within a year, I bought a used road bike and learned how to ride in groups on the road.

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