Blogs I read

There’s a lot of reading material online. This blog is just one of countless cycling blogs, so thanks to anyone and everyone who reads this.  I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I read. Some are cycling-related. Others have a running or fitness focus. I hope you find some relevant material in them, as I do.

  • Team Colin Blog: Colin, like me, is a middle-aged cyclist from the GTA who writes a very amusing blog about his cycling adventures and experiences.  Though I’ve never met him in person, I’ve been able to get to know him via social media and it turns out, he’s a teacher at the high school I attended (waaaaaaaay back in the 1980s!).  One of his blog posts is a companion to my post on Bike Selfies. He hasn’t blogged in a while (since 2016!!), but be sure to check him out:
  • Riot on Racing: Mike (a.k.a. Riot) is a riot!  Also a middle aged cyclist, Mike lives in the Burlington area and is affiliated with with Bicycle Works in Waterdown (where I bought my first suspension mountain bike in 2002).  Mike’s from Saskatchewan and as I learned when he joined me on my first 200 km ride last summer (which was actually over 210 km, as he reminded me), he talks to cows.  On his blog, he provided the Metis translation of “Shikaze” (after a long ride with my bro Jeff):  ‘Shikaze’ is an old Metis term that means ‘let’s find another fricken hill’.
  • Michelle the Runner:  Michelle is a Runner, which may seem obvious, given the title of her blog, but she is a Runner with a capital “R”.  She runs marathons, 5k’s, 10k’s, cross-country, trails, endurance, track (where she’s a national record holder)… you name it.  I don’t know for certain, but I assume she runs farther in a year than I ride my bike.  Oh… and she cycles and swims as more of a hobby (she got on the podium in a road race not too long ago).  Her blog is filled with training tips, running tips, cycling tips and general fitness tips.  And she’s got a great taste in music! Check out her blog:
  • Laces and Lattes: Jessica, like Michelle, is also a Runner.  In addition to that, she’s a triathlete and adventure athlete.  Her blog is filled with info on training, nutrition, motivation, running, race experiences etc.  Some of her adventure races (that feature trail running, mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing) are epic (and I don’t use that word very much!).  In past years, Jessica and I (along with Michelle) have been ambassadors for the Ontario Spring Classic ‘Paris to Ancaster” cycling race in April.
  • This blog/website is filled with tons of information, product reviews, travel tips and bikepacking tips.  Bikepacking is something that I’m just starting to learn about.  My plan is to go on a bikepacking trip this year, and I’m slowly accumulating the necessary equipment for it.  This website has been an invaluable resource.

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