Ride 33 of 50 – Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Sometimes it’s not about the ride; it’s about the destination.  Camping has been a big part of my summer vacations for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit many of Ontario’s fine Provincial Parks, and in recent years, I’ve explored the parks by bicycle.

This past week we ventured north to Grundy Lake Provincial Park for five days and I took my fat bike with me.  Grundy Lake lies about half way between Parry Sound and Sudbury (about a four-hour drive from home).  Our campsite was actually on one of three main lakes in the park: Gurd Lake. Our site faced east across the lake so we were rewarded with beautiful sunrises:

Sunrise over Gurd Lake

And amazing evening reflections off the calm lake:

Reflections. Gurd Lake.

The park offers opportunites for water activities:

Kayaking and fishing: Pakeshkag Lake

And we saw some wildlife:



And of course, I did some riding around the park:

Fat bike on Clear Lake


My longest ride was 25km with my kiddo, and here’s a cool link with a video of our route:


I only rode about 55 km during the 5 days I was there, but it’s still a good park for cycling within the park.  Roads are gravel and pavement, with some pretty good pot holes in some places.  Drivers are courteous and they tended to drive slowly, giving cyclists lots of room.  If you’re looking for a park with tons of bike trails, Grundy isn’t for you, but if you want a place where you can get around easily on a bike and explore different lakes, head there with your bike.  I’d advise a mountain bike, but a cyclocross would work just as well!


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