Crossing the Conestoga River… what really happened!

First a bit of "History of Gravel Grinders with the WCC".  Back in about 2012, I started riding on Saturday mornings in the fall with some friends.  The mountain bike trails were too wet and the paved roads were cold and windy, so we decided to explore rail trails and gravel roads where speeds would … Continue reading Crossing the Conestoga River… what really happened!


2019 Cycling Plans – BT700

As 2018 winds down, I am starting to look ahead into 2019.  I'll be writing a 2018 cycling summary post in the next couple of weeks, but looking ahead, new cycling adventures are already appearing on my radar. In particular, Ontario's first multi-day bikepacking event (at least that I'm aware of) is scheduled for 2019.  … Continue reading 2019 Cycling Plans – BT700