Ride 13/50 – Day turns to Night CX ride

This past Wednesday evening, I joined a CX gravel grinder with some of my friend from the Waterloo Cycling Club.  The ride was organized by Mike E. through the online club forum, but was not an “official” club ride.  It turned out that Mike couldn’t make it, but we still had eight riders.  The ride started at 6:30 pm in full daylight, and the route was just under 50km, starting and finishing at the St. Jacobs outlet mall.

Ride #13 of my “50 memorable rides in my 50th year” was memorable for a few reasons.  First, we started in daylight and ended in the dark.  Second, riding gravel roads with no cars and no streetlights is a wonderful experience. Not to mention the full moon and glorious sunset!  And finally, the company and attitude on this ride made for an enjoyable ride with enough bursts of energy for “training” (at least for me).

Exploring the gravel roads of Waterloo Region
Farmer’s lanes are always fun to explore as well.


As the sun dropped towards the horizon, we saw an almost full moon rising from the opposite direction.  Our shadows grew longer as the sky lit up.  It was a beautiful evening with great company, warm temperatures and even a few energetic intervals along the way.  Thanks to Mike for organizing (even though you couldn’t make it out), and Ana Maria, Taryn, Alain, Chris, Chris, Tom, Thiago for the company.

IMG_7193 IMG_7197 IMG_7199

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