Cycling Vegas – A Tourist’s Perspective

After considerable debate over the past winter,  my family decided we'd head to Vegas for a vacation. I had two reasons I wanted to visit this area, and neither had anything to do with gambling or the Vegas strip: (1) I wanted to visit the parks outside the city and (2) I wanted to explore … Continue reading Cycling Vegas – A Tourist’s Perspective

Vulnerable Humans and Victim-Blaming

If you scour the internet, you'll find a quote that is attributed to Gandhi.  It goes something like this: The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members. Other websites will refute that Gandhi ever made this statement, but they will quote a speech he made in 1931, where he said: The … Continue reading Vulnerable Humans and Victim-Blaming

2018 Cycling Summary

So.... here we are.  Another year over, and a new one's just begun. And you know what that means?  Numbers and maps - two of my favourite things when it comes to cycling and motivation. So here's my Cycling year 2018 in numbers (sources:,, Total distance: 5450 kilometres (most km's I've cycled in … Continue reading 2018 Cycling Summary

Building Cycling Infrastructure in a Car Culture. A Look at a Roundabout.

On my bike commute from Waterloo to Guelph, I drive through a roundabout at Bridge and Lancaster streets in Kitchener, just before crossing the Grand River towards Bridgeport.  I try to ride my bike to work about once a week while the weather is "decent", but on days I drive my car, I also take … Continue reading Building Cycling Infrastructure in a Car Culture. A Look at a Roundabout.