Perspective: Cycling after 50

There are a lot of articles (and probably books) about exercise and fitness and cycling after the age of 50. Many of them are written by exceptional people who have devoted a huge amount of time to staying fit and active. If you believe what you read on the internet, it was Bill Clinton who … Continue reading Perspective: Cycling after 50

Product Review: Bianchi’s gravel bike – Impulso All-Road

I've never written a review about a bike before.  I have several bikes - some I bought brand new, others I bought used.  And I even have one that I built with old parts.  Each bike has its pros and cons, and each bike has its purpose in my fleet.  But when I travel, I … Continue reading Product Review: Bianchi’s gravel bike – Impulso All-Road

2018 Cycling Summary

So.... here we are.  Another year over, and a new one's just begun. And you know what that means?  Numbers and maps - two of my favourite things when it comes to cycling and motivation. So here's my Cycling year 2018 in numbers (sources:,, Total distance: 5450 kilometres (most km's I've cycled in … Continue reading 2018 Cycling Summary