2019 Cycling Plans – BT700

As 2018 winds down, I am starting to look ahead into 2019.  I'll be writing a 2018 cycling summary post in the next couple of weeks, but looking ahead, new cycling adventures are already appearing on my radar. In particular, Ontario's first multi-day bikepacking event (at least that I'm aware of) is scheduled for 2019.  … Continue reading 2019 Cycling Plans – BT700


Late Fall/Early Winter Cycling – Motivation

As daylight hours drop and temperatures get colder, it becomes more difficult for me to get motivated to ride my bike. A lot of my cycling friends have set up their trainers and moved indoors; their bikes won't see the outdoors until the spring.  For others, the cycling season never stops;  they may have put … Continue reading Late Fall/Early Winter Cycling – Motivation

Building Cycling Infrastructure in a Car Culture. A Look at a Roundabout.

On my bike commute from Waterloo to Guelph, I drive through a roundabout at Bridge and Lancaster streets in Kitchener, just before crossing the Grand River towards Bridgeport.  I try to ride my bike to work about once a week while the weather is "decent", but on days I drive my car, I also take … Continue reading Building Cycling Infrastructure in a Car Culture. A Look at a Roundabout.

Product Review: Arkel Rollpacker (A First Look)

When I first started to look into gearing up for bikepacking a couple of years ago, I was immediately drawn to the Canadian company Arkel for a couple of reasons.  First, they're Canadian (based in Quebec) and they manufacture their products in Canada.  Second, the reviews I read commented on the durability of their products. … Continue reading Product Review: Arkel Rollpacker (A First Look)