Frozen water everywhere!

Last spring, I took a tour of some local trails the day after a huge rain event just north of here.  The result was a cycling route that had a lot of turn-arounds because some trails were flooded. As some of my Waterloo Cycling Club friends will attest, I've been known to ride across fast-flowing … Continue reading Frozen water everywhere!


2018: A New Beginning

2017 was a good year.  I surpassed 4000 km outdoor kilometres for the year, and although this wasn't my best year (I've had about 5000 km before), I still deem 2017 to be a success given the slow start I had because of my concussion recovery. The year ended on December 31 with a traditional … Continue reading 2018: A New Beginning

Cycling Book Review – A Purpose Ridden – by Ryan Correy

When I write these blog entries, I usually assume that I'm preaching to the choir.  Most readers are likely people who actively ride bicycles.  And that's great!  When I started this blog, my hope was to encourage more people to cycle but also to get cyclists to cycle more.  Whether or not that's happening, I … Continue reading Cycling Book Review – A Purpose Ridden – by Ryan Correy