2017 Cycling Year in Review

As I’ve stated previously: I’m a numbers guy.  Now that 2017 is (nearly) done, I am going to summarize my cycling year in numbers:

  • Total outdoor cycling distance: 4005 km
  • Longest Ride: September 14, 2017, Day 2 of COLT 122 km
  • Best Month: September 712 km
  • Total Moving Time: 210 hours (8 days, 18 hours)
  • Number of Rides: 115
  • Average Velocity: 19 km/h
  • Distance by Bike:
    • New CX bike: 1777 km
    • Fatbike: 1459 km
    • Mountain bike: 133 km
    • Old gravel/mountain bike: 317 km
    • Road bike: 304 km
    • Rental bike: 15 km

When I started 2017, I didn’t set any goals.  I was still recovering from a concussion and my cycling distances and efforts were low.  I was happy just to ride.  As the year progressed, my health slowly improved to the point where, by late summer, I could ride longer and (a little) faster.  By September, I noticed that there was a good chance I could reach 4000 km of outdoor cycling by year end if I kept riding.  On the last day of the year, I braved near -20C temperatures to get a 10 km fatbike snow ride in to reach 4000!  Not my best year, but considering how the year started, I’m more than satisfied.

My 2017 cycling heatmap is shown here.  Most rides around Kitchener-Waterloo.  You can see the rides down to Port Dover/Turkey Point and the big circle to the east that represents the Central Ontario Loop trail where I did a four-day bikepacking trip in September. (Not shown is a 15 km loop around Stanley Park in Vancouver.)

2017 personal cycling heatmap.

Veloviewer.com has a summary option.  Apparently, I could have cycled from Toronto to South America… maybe next year…

My 2017 Veloviewer summary

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from my year.  The first is from my ride today at minus 16C.  The Grand River has frozen… if it stays this cold, I’ll be able to ride across!

The second photo is from my COLT bikepacking trip.

December 31, 2017. Frozen Grand River.
Day 1 of the COLT bikepacking trip. I was barely faster than pony-drawn carts (although I did abide by the sign on the right side of the photo). Photo by Matt Kadey.

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