Ride for Heart 2017

Each year, I try to enter a cycling event or two that supports a cause.  In 2016, I raised money for two events: Share the Road Greg’s Ride in September and the Ride for Heart in Toronto for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  My wife, my daughter and I have completed three of the Ride for Heart events, and we have signed up to ride it again this June.

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Rides 42 and 43: Joyride and Touring Toronto

Last year, I was planning to complete 50 memorable rides in the year I turned 50. A crash in September put that on hold, so I extended my goal to 2017. I’d finished 2016 with 41 of my 50 rides completed, and this past week, I added two more rides in the GTA. Continue reading

Toronto Fall Bike Show and N+1?

I went to the Fall Bike Blowout Sale this weekend in Toronto.  Amidst the thousands of people, there were deals to be had if you were willing to elbow your way through the crowds and line up to pay for your purchases.  I wasn’t looking specifically at bikes, but still managed to spend some money on a new MIPS helmet and new riding glasses (both from Smith).  50% off retail was good enough for me for these items.

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Rides 21 and 22: The Hydrocut and Ride for Heart plus contest winners!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have two memorable rides for my 50-memorable-rides-in-my-50th-year goal.  For Ride #21, on Saturday morning, I met up with friends Ana-Maria, Bob A., Ken R., Kevin S., Stephen B. and others at the Hydrocut mountain bike trails.  These wonderful trails of about 25 km of flowing singletrack are my “home trails”, and I’ve been a member of the Hydrocut trail committee (which is part of the Waterloo Cycling Club in agreement with the Region of Waterloo) for a few years, and I’ve been volunteering on trail days since about 2003.

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