Ride 11/50 – KW Trails

Last weekend I rode in Toronto, which used to be my backyard.  Today I rode in my current backyard on a ride that included gravel paths, dirt roads, paved roads, some deep puddles and boulders by the Grand River, and of course, a couple of new crossings of the Grand.

My 11th ride of my “50-in-50” rides this year started down the Grand River Trail and through Bingeman’s park.  I continued south past Victoria St. until I got to the new bridge at Fairway and continued down Riverbend on the other side of the river.

Crossing the Grand River at Fairway St.

Then at King St. I hopped back on the trail, which soon became unrideable (I should have paid attention when I saw a sign that said… “Hikers only. Rough trail for 5 km”).  The water level of the Grand isn’t too high right now, but I could see where the trail had been under water, probably as recently as last week.  There were, large, deep puddles and big boulders which made riding impossible in some places.  Fortunately, my experience at the Frostbike, Steaming Nostril and Tour of Pelham prepared me for this type of hike-a-bike trail.  Eventually I was able to ride, and crossed back over the Grand River on a pedestrian bridge just south of Pioneer tower, which overlooks the Grand.

Pioneer Tower
Pedestrian bridge across the Grand, near Pioneer Tower.

A ride back north through Homer Watson park and across the parkway on the pedestrian bridge…

Crossing the parkway on a foot bridge.

… and along the Iron Horse trail, through Victoria Park and up the newly-paved Spur Line trail to Waterloo and eventually home.  50 km in total, including new trails and roads that I’ve never been on before (new areas for my heatmap!).

The Spur Line trail in Waterloo – newly paved.

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