Ride #30 of 50 – Niagara Falls

Another ride on my wish list for 2016 was to ride along the trail in Niagara Falls.  I’ve been there many times, but hadn’t ridden the trail from Niagara-on-the-Lake before.  So with the kiddo away for the weekend, J. and I decided to drive down to Niagara and check out the path.

Along the way I stopped at Inception Cyclery in St. Catharines to visit Brandon, who’d been cleaning up my old 1980s Bianchi, which, thanks to B. is now a lot closer to being road-ready!  I also bought a cool new helmet from Brandon, thanks!  I wore my (almost) matching green Share the Road jersey (stay tuned to my blog for some details about the annual Greg’s Ride, this September 25th in Milton!).

IMG_8288  J. and I rode from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Queenston, where she turned back so she could visit the nearby Butterfly Conservatory and I headed up the escarpment on my bike.  Along the way I stopped for photo ops at:

The Brock Monument


The Rainbow Bridge:


And of course the falls: IMG_8297  IMG_8306

Niagara Falls is a beautiful place.  Yes, it’s very touristy, and the main falls area was packed with tourists.  But I can’t ignore the beauty of the area.  The river gorge is beautiful all the way to NOTL and there are many places to stop and admire the view.

The bike path wasn’t too crowded for most of the ride but near the falls, the road was busy with cars, and the path was busy with people.  After walking around taking photos, I finally decided to ride on the roads, but that was challenging, since the drivers were stopping all over the place.  However, the only angry driver I encountered was driving one of the public transit buses.  Apparently I was slowing down his approach to his next bus stop.

I’ll leave you with a cool link that I found.  Using Strava data, there’s a web app that made a video of my ride.  It’s called “Relive”, and it includes stats about the ride, plus any georeferenced photos from the ride.  Check it out here:


Actually, I also rode in the morning around Waterloo.  This ride video is here:


Cycling is all about rainbows and unicorns… without the unicorns.


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