Gift ideas for cyclists?

If you’re like me, the last place you want to be is in a mall at this time of year. Parking lots are jam packed. Lines ups are huge. It’s not worth my time. Still, we need to buy gifts, even for those who say they don’t need or want anything. Since cycling is the theme of this blog, I thought I’d share some gift ideas for the cyclist on your list.

1. Registration for a cycling race or event.  I’ve already got a couple of races on my radar for 2017.  They’re both local:  Steaming Nostril 2017 (Organized by Cycle Waterloo, this is the fifth edition of this Spring Classic gravel race in K-W.  40 and 65 km options with singlespeed and fat bike categories for both distances!), and Sugar Shack Hustle (organized by King Street Cycles, the third edition of this fat bike race in the snow in January).  Registration for either of these would be a great Christmas gift (Note: if you’re buying for me, I’m already signed up for them 😉 )

2. A cool flask at KSC to support the Hydrocut trails.  The 6 ounce stainless steel flask has the Hydrocut logo laser etched on the side, and it includes a small funnel and two shot glasses (actually stainless steel).  I’m a little impartial here, but I’m on the Trail Committee for the Hydrocut.  These cool flasks can be bought at King Street Cycles in Waterloo.  $40!

img_9271 3. Cool weather cycling gear. Maybe the cyclist on your list isn’t a hard core winter rider, but any cyclist could use warm socks, gloves, shoe covers for late fall and early spring rides.

4. Bike lights. Again, not every cyclist will go on a night ride but with diminished daylight hours, having a blinking red rear light and a headlight will likely be put to good use.  I just got an 800 lumen Bontrager Ion at Ziggy’s Cycle the Waterloo Cycling Club social draw prize (I actually won a Fizik seat, but Marta at Ziggy’s was nice enough to let me exchange it for this light… Thanks!)


5. Cat5Gear Cyclist Case.  I’m not a very organized person, but this case has helped me remember to bring everything I need to my rides and events.  A must-have for cyclists!


OK, there you go.  A few ideas for you last-minuters!  Now get to it!


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