RideCycleSpin – New Logo

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a local K-W graphic designer who designed this logo for me.  Brian at Deuce Design in Waterloo has been doing design work for two decades and more recently, he designed the logo that we’re using for The Hydrocut.

I love this design because it embodies my passion for both on-road and off-road cycling.  My goal with this blog is to simply spread the word about cycling.  There are many blogs that focus on training, race results, diet for the high-level cyclists.  I want to relate my experiences from the middle of the pack.  I’ve done some racing, but I don’t consider myself a racer.  I enter events for the personal challenge and for the social aspect; I find that I draw energy from being around others who share the same passion for the sport as I do.

I hope you like the logo!  Thanks Brian!


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