Hashtag BikeSchool – Nov. 24, 2016 9pm EST

Coming up this Thursday November 24, I’m hosting #bikeschool on Twitter.  If you don’t know what #bikeschool is, here’s a brief summary from the website:

#bikeschool is a live chat on Twitter every Thursday night at 9p EST. We talk about bikes and have fun… a lot of fun. Like all classrooms there are pranksters, teacher’s pets and people who sit in the front row wearing spandex.

#bikeschool was established in 2010 by @bikerly, @lovingthebike, and @egggman.

In the spring of 2012, @twittyboyd become the #bikeschool administrator, and has been the driving force in keeping the weekly chat rolling along.

Note for local K-W’ers, @egggman is a local cyclist (Mike) who who has a cycling blog here:  http://oldsinglespeed.blogspot.ca/ .  Mike has also joined me on a couple of my 50-in-50 rides this year, including the 200 km Pie-athlon and my Elora-Erin gravel ride back in the spring.

So here what #bikeschool is in a nutshell:

  • get on Twitter at 9 pm EST this Thursday (if you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up for one!)
  • Search for the hashtag #bikeschool
  • Find and follow me on Twitter (@steveshik)
  • Look for Q’s from the professor (that’s ME for this week).  Questions will be numbered Q1, Q2 etc.
  • Answer with A1, A2 etc., and be sure to add the hashtag #bikeschool to your tweeted answers.
  • Comment on other classmates with the hashtag #bikeschool

If you like images rather than bullet lists check out this image:


One final thing: If you have any ideas for questions that you’d like me to ask, send me a note here or FB, twitter.

See you Thursday!


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