Product Review – Cat5Gear Cyclist Case

Cycling is a pretty easy activity to prepare for.  Really, all you need is your bike, a helmet and your cycling shoes.  Other extras include water bottles, snacks, tools, gloves, sunglasses, but the essentials are minimal (it’s not like when I used to play hockey, when I’ve shown up to a game without a shin pad, or a skate or … my jock strap).

Despite the relatively simplistic preparation for a ride, I’ve still shown up at rides without my cycling shoes.  Or without water bottles.

When I got my Cat5Gear Cyclist Case last year, I learned what I’d been missing:  Something to organize the necessities for a bike ride or event.  At 50x38x20 cm in size, the cyclist case is big enough to hold everything I need for my rides. The storage space is divided into two large and two small sections.  The two large sections are for my helmet and shoes, but there’s a lot more room in these sections for socks, gloves, extra clothes etc.  The two smaller sections I use for snacks, GPS, basic tools.  And the cover has insert pockets that can hold small items like maps, sunglasses, small snacks.  On the exterior, there are two pouches for water bottles.

I use this case for every cycling event that I drive to, whether it’s a group ride or a race.  I also use it when I go on multi-day car-camping trips and any vacation when I take my bike.  I can stuff all my cycling gear into it, including 2 or 3 spare jerseys and shorts, various layers (arm/leg warmers, rain jacket, vest), plus those items listed above: helmet, shoes, socks, snacks and tools.  It allows me to have all my cycling necessities stored in one place.

Cat5Gear also has an embroidery option, so you can customize your case.  When my case arrived in the mail, Kent (from Cat5Gear) added my name to it, which was a nice touch. I added a RideCycleSpin patch as well!
One thing I wish the case had was a two-way zipper.  When the case is in my trunk and I’m trying to access my cycling gear (in the midst of other camping gear in the trunk), I find I’m often searching the wrong side of the bag for the zipper pull.  It’s not a huge inconvenience, but a two-way zipper would be a nice feature.

I know a lot of people that have this case and I highly recommend it for the avid cyclist!

Disclaimer: Cat5Gear generously provided me with a Cyclist Case.  I’ve been using it since the beginning of 2016.

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Cat5Gear Cyclist Case

  1. Thanks to one of Steve’s contests, I have the Cat5Gear personal case. Fits my small stuff in a handy case that fits in my Jersey pocket. Great product.


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