Finding Peace on a Bicycle

I am a cyclist.  I’m a mountain biker, a roadie, a gravel cyclist, a fat biker.  A commuter, a touring cyclist, and an occasional racer  I ride 12 months of the year.  In temperatures from as high as 35 C to as low as minus 25 C.  In snow, rain, wind, sun, clouds.  Up hills.  Down hills.  Fast. Slow.

When I got my new gravel/CX bike in the spring, I thought about selling my road bike.  I put a lot of km’s onto my gravel bike while my fast-carbon-lightweight road bike sat lonely in the basement.  Before this past weekend, I’d ridden it only twice this year.  However, with a relative quiet weekend (family-wise), I decided to get out on my road bike both Saturday and Sunday.

I could talk about how fast my road bike feels, and how responsive it is to each pedal stroke, and how it just wants to go fast.  But it’s more than that.

For both of these weekend rides, I rode alone; 47 km the first day, and 61 km the second day.  I just wanted to get outside and get some miles into my legs.   Riding by myself at my own pace is meditative, and I was reminded of this on these rides.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny, cool with a slight wind that was in my face at times and behind me other times.  Alone on the road I found myself pondering things like:  Life, cycling, happiness, work, gratitude, freedom, positive and negative influences in my life.  I realized that when I’m alone on my bike, when there’s no one to chase, no one to wait for, I am at peace.

You can read about meditation, and there are probably dozens of smartphone apps that can help you meditate and find peace.  Or you can get on your bike and head out into the country.  Try it; it does the mind, body and soul a world of good!

2 thoughts on “Finding Peace on a Bicycle

  1. Great note Steve. I started riding road several years ago as an alternative to running and stay healthy. What I found on my bike (now bikes) was so much more than just fitness. The social aspects and new friends wer never anticipated and I love this element of riding. But, to your point, my solo rides have become some of my very favourite rides. The pace dials down a bit and I lose myself in the present. Riding in a group is good for the heart but riding alone is good for the soul. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree!

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