End of May Cycling Thoughts

As the end of May approaches, I thought I’d blog about my week in cycling, my continued recovery and some other thoughts.  After a nice long weekend camping at Killbear (and riding to Norse Brewery), I decided to take a few days off cycling to let my head rest.  As such, I didn’t commute to work last week.

As the weekend approached, I started to feel a lot better, so I decided to join the Waterloo Cycling Club “Adventure Ride” on Saturday morning.  This is a ride that I’m very familiar with and I know many of the riders who typically show up.  I thought the pace would be good (i.e., slow).  I met the group near Kiwanis Park and we headed along the Grand River Trail.  The pace was moderate at first until we hit the hills around Bingeman’s.  I was able to climb the hills but as soon as my heartrate went up, I had to back off because I felt a little pressure in my head.

I realized that this was slowing the group down so around the Kitchener airport, I decided to let the group go ahead.  Taryn, another rider in the group, decided to ride back with me at a slower pace.  The company was nice and by this time, I was grateful to have a wheel to follow.

Here’s the route (click the image below):

The next day was sunny and warm and I decided to ride down to Kitchener CIty Hall to check out the Kitchener Bike Fest and ride in the 5th annual “Together we Travel – Cycle for Angels”, which is in memory of cyclists who have been killed or injured.  I blogged about the 2016 ride here.

And here are a couple of images from the event.  The second pic is a selfie I took during the ride, combined with a map of the route I took from home, on the ride, and back.  I used an app called VeloGraphic.

A few final thoughts:

  • Both days, I rode my new gravel bike.  I’ll write a review about it soon, but here’s the teaser: I love it! I changed the tires to file treads that roll better on pavement, but it’s the kind of bike that I’d want if I could only have one bike.  It’s good on roads (paved and dirt), gravel, rail trail, dirt.  The disc brakes are smooth and responsive.  And…. it goes to 11!  That’s one better.
  • Ride for Heart is less than a week away.  I’m still hoping to convince my family to ride 50 km, but we shall see.  If you’re interested in sponsoring me, find out more here.
  • I also acquired new wheels for my fat bike.  These wheels include tires that are a little less fat than the ones I have now.  Having two sets will allow me to have fatter tires for the snow and a little skinnier for summertime.  Overkill? Perhaps.  But if you’re reading this, you’ll likely understand.
  • My bro Jeff added to his many podiums this past weekend at the Singletrack Challenge at Hardwood.  Here’s a podium shot.  Notice the hat he’s wearing? OK, maybe it’s too small to see the details.  Check out this pic.   That’s right! He’s got a RideCycleSpin hat!  One of only three in circulation!  TeamColin has one and I have one.  Who knows… maybe a few more might leak out into the world!

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