Share the Road – Greg’s Ride 2017

2017 marks the third year that I’ve signed up for the Share the Road ride (Greg’s Ride).  Each year in September organizes a charity ride to raise money to support their cause.  I have previously blogged about the history of Share the Road here.  Founder Eleanor McMahon has created an amazing program to support cycling awareness and infrastructure across Ontario.

Last year, the ride was only a couple days of weeks after my cycling crash, so I entered the short 15 km distance.  This year, I chose to do the longer 77 km distance, once again, with my siblings.  This ride has become a regular event on my cycling calendar since 2015, and it’s a great way to get out and ride with my siblings and friends as well as explore many new roads.  About 150 riders showed up to ride distances from 8 km to 77 km.

Riders listening to MPP Eleanor McMahon speaking about the history and successes of Share the Road.
In 2017, the ride started at Shawn and Ed Brewery, in Dundas, Ontario (maybe it’s just me, but beer and cycling events seems like a good match).  It was unseasonably hot for late September (the hottest temperature for 2017 was recorded on ride day at Pearson airport in Toronto).  The route took us up the escarpment on Wilson Street and the 77 km group split up as we headed up the long climb.  After a quick break at the rest stop at 15 km (where I filled a water bottle that I’d already emptied), we headed west along Jerseyville Road and did some of the nice roads towards St. George. I rode my cyclocross/gravel bike, so I was able to carry four water bottles with me.  My two bros rode fat bikes (and I still couldn’t keep up), while my sis rode her road bike.  My friend Shelly rode with us and was also on a road bike.

More shadows than cyclists? At the front, bro Greg sets the pace. The second shadow is Shelly – wisely tucked in so well that you can only see her shadow! Third shadow is me, hanging on. Fourth shadow is Sue, who must have had to put up with all the sweat that I give off. Fifth shadow is a guy we picked up along the way. Photo by Jeff.
I don’t know how much money was raised, between registration, donations, silent auction etc., but I will continue to support Share the Road and Greg’s Ride.  They’ve been making Greg’s Ride more inclusive each year with distances for everyone.  The 8 km is great for families, kids, beginners.  The 77 km was challenging (because of hills and heat), and if it wasn’t challenging enough, you could do what Jeff (or my friend Scott N.) did:  Ride to the ride, do the 77 km, and ride home (Jeff ended up with over 150 km on his skinny-fat bike).

Next year, I’ll be recruiting more, so please join me – I’ll be looking for you in 2018.


One thought on “Share the Road – Greg’s Ride 2017

  1. Thanks Steve for sharing a Road ride which is known as Share the Road ride (Greg’s ride). It is held each September every year & organizes for raising money. This year you have attended for 77km distance, though it was challenging. I think you are a professional rider.


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