Cycling – January/February 2018

I thought I’d post with my ride summary for 2018 so far.  We’ve had a wide variety of weather conditions so far in 2018 – from -20C to +15C.  Lots of snow. No snow.  Rain.  Sun.  Fortunately, I’m equipped to ride in all of these conditions and I’ve been able to get out and ride more than I have in past winters.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like numbers (as many of us engineers do).  So here are a few:

  • January 2018:
    • Total Rides: 8
    • Total Distance: 211 km
    • Total Time: 12.75 hours
  • February 2018:
    • Total Rides: 8
    • Total Distance: 254 km
    • Total Time: 13.75 hours
  • Year to date:
    • Total Rides: 16
    • Total Distance: 465 km
    • Total Time: 26.5 hours

For comparison, at this time last year, I was at 9 rides, 198 km, 11.5 hours.  So I’m way ahead of last year’s pace, when I ended up with 4000 km.

My rides in 2018 have been either on my fat bike or my winter mountain/gravel/frankenbike.   My shortest ride of the year so far is 11.5 km and my longest about 54 km.  Temperatures have ranged from nearly -20C to nearly +10C.

And here’s a cool video I made of my rides to date (2018):

Many of my rides have been by myself and I find these solo rides to be calming.  I truly ride at my own pace.  Sometimes a fast interval.  Sometimes a slow, scenic pace.  I like being alone with my thoughts on my bike, but I also like the group rides.

One ride a week or so ago, I tried to make it out for a ride before the rain came, but halfway into the ride, it started to pour.  But it was mild (5C) and I was dressed for the rain, so I didn’t mind.  I wasn’t cold and the rain felt cleansing and refreshing somehow.

I didn’t take photos on all of my rides, but here are a few:

Back in January, we had our first thaw.  The Grand River was previously frozen but the thaw and rain brought huge chunks of ice up the banks of the river.

I rode my fat bike through a school yard and looked back into the sun and saw my path…

I took this action shot on a solo gravel ride.  Notice the speed of the wheel movement!

And finally, I took this ghostly shot on a solo ride last weekend!

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