Ride Summary – First Six Months of 2018

It’s hard to believe 2018 is half over already.  There’s still a lot of warm weather ahead, and lots of long rides in the months to come! I thought I’d summarize my year to date with some of the online tools that I’ve blogged about.

In June, I rode farther than I have in any previous month (985 km) since I started keeping track of my cycling distances (2002).  I commuted to/from work four times (about a 50 km round trip) and rode my bike another 16 times.  My longest ride for June was 100 km on my road bike (also my longest ride of the year so far).  If you’re on Strava, you can get data from this link

For the year, I’ve surpassed 3100 km faster than in any previous year so I’m well on my way to my goal of 5000 km (and might even hit 6000 km for the first time!).  The main thing is that I’m having fun riding.  Last year, while recovering from my latest concussion, my rides were typically shorter and easier.  As time went on, I found I could ride longer and faster (relatively speaking).  I’ve even joined the fast-paced Tuesday and Thursday club rides that I skipped last year!

This 3100 km includes:

  • over 1400 km on my gravel/cyclocross bike
  • over 1000 km on my road bike
  • over 250 km on my fat bike
  • over 400 km on my winter gravel bike
  • over 550 km of commuting by bike
  • over 22 km of vertical elevation gain
  • over 142 hours (nearly 6 days!) of cycling
  • maximum speed of over 70 km/h
  • longest ride 100 km; shortest ride 9 km (I was riding to a ride and realized I forgot my water bottles, so rode back home, then drove to the meeting spot).
  • longest ride (time): 4 hours; shortest ride (time): 19 minutes (see above!)
  • Fastest average speed on a ride: 28.7 km/h (road ride to Dundas and back)
  • Slowest average speed on a ride: 10.4 km/h (cold fat bike ride in January)
  • Strava segment personal records: 179
  • Strava Roster most-frequent ride buddies: Felipe S. and Mark B. – over 15 hours

Some highlights of 2018 so far:

  1. Ride Don’t Hide charity ride in the rain
  2. 65 km gravel ride (last ride of June) in extreme heat – A fun group ride, including singletrack, gravel paved roads.  I consumed five water bottles of fluids on the nearly three hour ride.
  3. 100 km road ride to Dundas and back, including the famous Sydenham Climb for the first time and a stop a Grupetto for coffee.
  4. My first Waterloo Cycling Club Tuesday road ride in over two years.  I started with a group that was too fast for me, dropped back and the next group that caught up to me also dropped me (I have some work to do!).
  5. Turas Mor on a fat bike in May
  6. Paris to Ancaster for the seventeenth straight year

Oh yeah… I discovered some nice trails just west of Kitchener-Waterloo.  A group of us rode our gravel/cyclocross bikes there this past weekend (in the heat).  The main trail is a nice double-track that is easily rideable on a gravel bike.  I think there is some hidden singletrack in there that is likely more suitable for mountain bikes.  It’s a hidden gem and offers a peaceful ride in the woods away from the city and away from the growing mountain bike traffic at the Hydrocut!

Here’s my southern Ontario heatmap (www.stravastats.com)

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